5 Young Environmental Activists Making a Difference in Climate Change

13 April 2021

Children and young people are the generations that will have to deal with the future impacts of climate change whether they like it or not. Unfortunately, they are the generation with the most to lose. But, that’s not deterring a group of children between 9 and 17 to make their voices heard, loud, and clear around the world. Their actions have caused tidal waves and some have made the headlines of media outlets. Let’s meet the youths who are already making a difference in the world.

Jeffrey at a cassava field. To increase the production of this crop, Jeffrey is using the resilient variety of cassava "Chinhembwe" and a cultural and organic method of weed control rather than chemical herbicides. / ©Jeffrey Phiri

Changing Perspectives Through UN CC:e-Learn Courses

7 April 2021

Jeffrey Phiri is from Mozambique and finished the “Introductory e-Course on Climate Change” on UN CC:e-Learn platform. He told us about the impacts it has had not only on his professional perspective but also on how he personally relates to the environment around him.

Examining Adaptation Planning Through the Lens of Training Workshops

4 January 2021

In the context of supporting countries through training, UN CC:Learn delivers regional and country-level trainings, to equip national policymakers with the skills needed to tackle long-term vulnerability to climate change. Mr. Aliou Gory Diouf, a Senegalese Geographer and Senior Programme Officer participated in one of our training workshops and told us about his experience.

Small Steps can Lead to Big Changes: The Case of GEMS Schools in Dubai

11 December 2020

Ms. Asha Alexander, principal at GEMS The Kindergarten Starters in Dubai, told us how she has initiated an ambitious programme of embedding climate literacy in school’s curriculum. At her school, more than a 1,000 teachers, students and parents have been trained on Sustainable Diet e-course. In total, 37 schools have already joined her initiative and she aim at reaching 100 schools by 2021. She is calling you to embark on this programme in your country.

What can a Millennial do to Tackle Climate Change?

10 November 2020

Jaz Randhawa is a young 25-years-old student from Singapore who uses technology in her favor to raise awareness on climate change. She decided to enroll in our NAP-Ag MOOC and have learned more about climate change and how the rising temperatures are affecting the world’s land, water, and air. As a millennial, she doesn’t miss an opportunity to become a proactive member of her community and is already making a difference in her country.

These 6 Apps Will Change the Way You Buy Food

26 October 2020

Food waste is a problem that can no longer be ignored because every bit of food that ends up in the garbage also means a waste of resources such as water, farmland, and energy needed to produce food. Some developers have taken it upon themselves to find ways to connect people to food that would go to waste, and so helping to reduce the amount of food thrown out every day. Here are six apps that will change the way you buy food.

Mr. Germain Goungounga in the field. /©Germain Goungounga

Local Development Strategies: Making Climate Change Issues a Focus of Economic Expertise

12 October 2020

Ou alumni, Mr. Germain Goungounga is an expert who specializes in macroeconomics and environmental statistics. He carries out environmental and social impact assessments for projects that incorporate climate change issues in Burkina Faso. In this story, he tells us how the ‘Introductory e-course on Climate Change’ has contributed to advance his career on the field.